Why choose organic products

Eco, organic or bio refers to products that have not been genetically modified, and no artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides have been used for cultivation. In addition, the product is obtained immediately after harvesting by methods that conserve the highest amount of nutrients. Organic products have displayed on their label “100% organic” and the certification body logo of the area where it was obtained: “EU Agriculture” or “Non-EU Agriculture”. In order to obtain an ECO certification in Europe, a product goes through a rigorous monitoring and testing system. In addition, the manufacturer must keep a written record of the operations carried out, unannounced inspections of the certification bodies or authorities may be take place at any time.

Here are some reasons why we should choose organic food:

Tastier:  Firstly, it is the 100% natural, richer taste, easily identifiable in case of fruits and vegetables where there are major differences between the taste of organic products and those obtained in conventional farming.

Healthier: Organic foods contain 65% more vitamins and antioxidants than conventional foods and have the nutritional properties needed for a harmonious development. The lack of pesticides, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms help maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to Mayo Clinic, the big advantage of bio food is the drastic reduction in pesticide exposure. (www.mayoclinic.org)

Why choose organic products
Why choose organic products

Better for the community:  Many of the companies that are active in organic agriculture do not just work for profit; they rigorously select the source of ingredients, the production chain, fair employee pay system, etc. In organic certified production there is a great transparency of the entire process, from ingredient to final product.

– Better for the planet: The major goal of organic farming is to protect the health of the whole planet, of all ecosystems. Consumption of organic products promotes both individuals’ health, collectively and globally. By consuming organic products, we choose to keep the planet healthy, not just our own.

Our company strives for a healthy life, and a healthy life means the return to origins, to nature, to those products that have been consumed by previous generations…