Organic Acacia Honey delicate, with a subtle, smooth, slightly vanilla aroma

Acacia Honey
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  • Acacia Honey
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500 years ago, the locust tree (acacia tree) spontaneously grew and occupied the endless forests of the Alleghany Mountains chain that stretched parallel to the Atlantic Ocean, west of the actual New York, in North America. It was brought to Europe by the French Y. Robin in 1602 and planted in Jardin des Plantes de Paris. Beginning with the 1740s, the locust tree starts being used as a forest tree in Germany and then the rest of Europe, thriving in the South-Eastern part of the continent.

Acacia honey is delicate, with a subtle, smooth, slightly vanilla aroma, its colour being clear, of an almost transparent yellow. Collected by the bees during a short period in May and only in strict climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, atmospheric movement), this indulging honey has a unique taste, delicate flavour and appealing texture.